Governance Highlights

Wesdome considers good corporate governance to be central to the effective and efficient operation of the Company. The Board of Directors (the "Board") continually reviews its practices and monitors regulatory developments in Canada and aims to achieve higher standards of corporate governance through the implementation of new practices and meaningful improvements to existing practices. Through the Company's growth, its governance practices and policies have continued to evolve.
The Board's governance structure has been developed around three fundamental principles of sound governance, being Independence, Accountability and Transparency.

Independence, Accountability, Transparency tricircle graphic


Independent directors on the Board possess independence of mind – they think, speak and act independently. Fostering a majority independent board leads to an ethical and balanced approach to decision making that is untainted by self-interest and gives equal concern to all stakeholders. Practices adopted by the Board in support of independence are noted below.


Accountability is owed to all stakeholders. The Board of Wesdome has developed an effective accountability framework that ensures actions and decisions are subject to oversight and confirms that initiatives undertaken by management meet the stated objectives of the Company.


Transparency is a necessary precondition for accountability. On the belief that transparency fosters trust and confidence, the Board of Wesdome is committed to sound reporting systems and robust disclosure.